With each passing day, people are getting more aware of the internet which also increases its
usage. Both buyers and sellers in the world try to benefit each other by utilizing this platform.
Sellers sell their products, and services and provide info about their business, and on the other
hand, buyers are looking for on the internet.

So, it’s important to have a website for your business because the benefit you get after having it
      1. You can reach your global audience.
      2. People get info about your business easily.
      3. Promote your business easily.
      4. Customers can reach you at any time.
      5. Queries of your customers can be resolved


When we create or design a website, hosting is required just like you buying land for your home.
Hence when you decide to buy hosting, you must look for such features like:

Loading time

The bounce rate of your website gets increased if you do not decrease its loading time because it
has left a poor experience for your customers. Therefore, it’s important to choose the hosting
which offers fast loading time and gets customers to convert.

Less Downtime: 

Your website unavailability will lose your client’s trust and credibility. A business got suffers if
you use poor hosting because it did not protect the site. The host which offers less downtime is


Security is important for your site so hackers cannot reach your personal and sensitive
information. Attach SSL (secure socket layer) on your site because it secured all information on
your website when you do this your domain got changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Provide backup option:

If there is any mishap to your website or you lose data, there must be a backup of your site that
helps you to restore it. A well-reputed hosting platform offers this option to shield your site from
losing data.

24/7 support: 

In case you are facing any issue regarding hosting there must be a support team who guides you
in sorting out your problem. It can be losing data, site downtime, backup, or any technical issue
on your website. There are several mediums and methods in online marketing. In digital marketing, initially, we need to test the campaigns so we get to know whether the medium or strategies are working for a specific business or not. Because each business has its marketing objective so we need to design according to it.

Search Engine Optimization:

Page loading speed is an important factor in SEO ranking, if it is slow or down it lowers your
ranking. So, you must assure that you don’t invest in those hosting platforms that let down your
search engine rankings

There are multiple hosting providers but I use HOSTINGER’s Premium Shared Hosting Plan for the last 2 years and am personally satisfied with their hosting service. I own 7 websites and all of them are hosted by HOSTINGER. If any bug occurs in the website, I just contact their team who willingly supports their customers and help to resolve the issue. High support with low cost. If you are interested in using the HOSTINGER service then you click on the provided link, buy any package plan from them, and sent your invoice through email then our team will design a 1- page website for FREE OF COST. 

Follow These Steps To Get A Free Website:   

    1. Click On (Buy Hosting Now) Button.
    2. Select Any Hosting Plan Which you like Most. 
    3. Complete Your Order
    4. Send Your Invoice at
    5. Our Team Will Confirm Your Order and Send You a confirmation Email.
    6. When you received a confirmation E-mail then send us your 1 Page Website Requirements. 

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